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My life as a Kilimanjaro porter, guide and now a class “A" tour operator.

After working as a porter for many years, George Mtaki decided to make it his priority to establish a company that would treat porters fairly and respectfully.

A background on porter's rights can and what we are doing to improve the situations can be read in a following section.) Over the course of his career as a porter and guide, George's work has been featured in a number of leading guide books and travel publications on Kilimanjaro, environmental sustainability and Tanzania.

Tom Naegels a a Belgium international Journalist on is Kilimanjaro climb wrote about Mount Kilimanjaro Porters situation www.tomnaegels.be/articles.php?id=1377 where George Mtaki was a freelance porter waiting to be hired by guides on entrance Kilimanjaro Machame gates .

 With great support from porters’ project and friends, I receive the different first aid training, environmental and tourism studies and later he becomes Licensed Kilimanjaro guide.

George's desire to improve the living conditions of the local Kilimanjaro population and final open the Kilimanjaro Brothers Climbing and Adventure. Ltd tour company as the distraction company for treatment of crew. At the present time, Kilimanjaro Brothers employs more than 100 staff members, and looks forward to future growth.

As a former porter and work longer experience on tourism, with this in mind we have establish the demonstration company “ Kilimanjaro brothers” that will treat well our porters and guides, better care for our clients. We know how hard porters work to make your trips safe and enjoyable. With this in mind, we have made Kilimanjaro Brothers' into a demonstration company, which takes care of its crew and allows other companies to learn best practices. Rather than depending on donation we have registered company class A, any travel agent or clients can book directly to us. When you travel with us you directly support us. Travel now with confidence with Kilimanjaro Brothers on your favorite routes.  

We have wealth experience guides with excellent understanding wildlife and migration ecosystem. We choose the right camps and lodges at right time of the year and you get the best experience possible.

Kilimanjaro Brothers is also represented on SafariBookings.  


Who We Are

We are fully licensed local Tanzanian tour company that provides great service with value, well qualified... registered and licensed tour operator   by Tanzania Government Ministry of Tourism and Natural Resource Class "A" Government Number 103238 in Tanzania with Ministry of Tourism and Natural resources holding Government Class “A” tour operator and recognize by Tanzania tourist Board TTB as well on Kilimanjaro Association of Tour Operator KIATO.

We have expertise in travel to Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and Northern Tanzania safari on Serengeti migration safaris.  Our safaris “are not simply for tours” but odysseys of spirit, mind and body.

We strive to create a company that is reputable for all mount Kilimanjaro porters and guides, on all climbing routes allows Kilimanjaro guides and porters to meet to discuss issues concern Kilimanjaro climbs, share experiences, teach and learn the importance of one another, while we promoting the responsible connection between travelers and the people who live on the slope of Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Best experience with Kilimanjaro Brothers
Safety Measures Kilimanjaro Brother’s delivers the highest quality safety measures on Kilimanjaro. We take the following steps on your climb while you enjoy your adventure in Tanzania:

Meet Our Founder

George Mtaki
Founder - CEO/Travel Consultant

After working as a porter for many years, George Mtaki decided to make it his priority to establish a company that would treat porters fairly and respectfully.


Contact Us

  • Selous/Kilima Street, Box 6765 Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania
  • ( +255 ) 716 958 597 - ( +255) 786 743 239
  • Broomfield - Colorado, USA

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