Why Safari With Kilimanjaro Brothers?

Tanzania is a true Safari Paradise and Kilimanjaro Brothers is Here to Make the Best Safari

10 Reason why travelling with Kilimanjaro Brothers

  • 1. Local runs Tanzanian company

    We local Tanzanian tours operator based in Kilimanjaro and we are committed to offering quality tours at fair prices. Kilimanjaro Brother’s owned and managed by local Tanzania guide George Mtaki with high quality service and reasonable price. When you book through us you support us with our community. Because we have advanced degrees in tourism and wildlife and also we have lived here our whole lives, we are extremely knowledgeable about climbing Kilimanjaro and trekking our country. We are fluent in English and have entertained people from and every corner of the globe. When you travel with us, your money comes on our Country and so you directly support our community.
  • 2. Safety standard

    Safety is the first our priority for wilderness and high altitude travelling. Safety Measures Kilimanjaro Brother’s delivers the highest quality safety measures on Kilimanjaro We take the following steps on your climb while you enjoy your adventure in Tanzania: We carry a portable hyperbaric chamber (Gamow bag) on all our climbs and have a system in place for immediate evacuation off the mountain. We travel with lifesaving equipment at all times when at high altitude. This equipment includes oxygen tanks, and a pressure bag, which are only used in the most life threatening altitude sickness cases. As part of our daily safety routine, we record and monitor various information pertaining to your body's reaction to increasingly higher elevations. However, we are connected with Medical evacuation service - AMREF flying doctors and thus guarantee directly access of 24 hours control center for medical advice. AMREF flying doctors is the best largest network international air ambulance services and huge wealth of experience and professionalism. The team is always there to respond medical emergency service.
  • 3. Great Summit successful rate

    Our trips have been arranged to use daily climbing schedules and sleep to enhance your body's acclimation. Our meals emphasize carbohydrates and other foods that increase the generation of heat and energy as we move to higher altitudes. Moreover, we move slowly with light exercises and celebrations at every camp to make your trip in the mountains enjoyable. Our success rate s of getting to top! is greater than 98% see our recently data base. That is due to the fact that we are helpful. We never leave you alone where you need help. We also encourage you when you may have given up. Our ratio of escorts for trekking is 1 client with 1 guide, I cook and 4 porters, our guides are very experienced and fluent in English. They are also well trained in wilderness first aid. We use local guides from each place you travel. We provide additional fluent guides where necessary during travel. Kilimanjaro Brothers arrange more days in mountain to ensure climbers acclimatize well and thus increasing the chance to summit comfortably.
  • 4. Ethical employees

    We are former Kilimanjaro porters we know how hard porters work to make your trips safe and enjoyable. With this in mind, we have made Kilimanjaro Brothers' into a demonstration company, which takes care of its crew and allows other companies to learn best practices from us. -We make sure porters are not exploited -We pay them a fair wage on time -We make sure they are outfitted properly for the alpine climate.
  • 5. Best standard equipments

    We use the best equipment and maintain it to the highest standards.
  • 6. World Class Safari Jeep

    We using the new model Toyota land curser safari car with hard top open roof and all our car drivers have government licensed and safari intimate knowledge of travel and wildlife. All our cars are in good condition and ever client get the window seat with comfortable seat belt. Cars are also fitted with fridges, power charge sockets service. We do not provide mini bus. Our vehicle is regularly maintained by professional mechanical, new engine every three years to reduce emission, as well washed and sanitized before safari to insure more safety and security of our safari adventures. Book your safari with Kilimanjaro Brothers to support us develop a more suitable business mode in Africa.
  • 7. Unique accommodations

    You will stay in comfortable hotel and lodge situated in unique opportunity to enjoy Tanzania traditionalist adventures and spectaculars natural beauty of local tribe. Our choice offers a true African experience with simple comfort accommodation for great value to make you is Tanzania adventure more enjoyable.
  • 8. Book and pay online by Internationals credit cards

    Our online booking and payment system is very safe and conveniently. It’s easy and you can do it easily and pay directly Credit card.
  • 9. Cultural experience

    We offer extra cultural experience, you to stay, change a life style, and share your skills with the wonderful mix of cultures, the rich history and fascinating traditions in our Tanzania cultural tours and short days cultural trips. "Our cultural experience doesn’t cost extra, but just to give you unforgettable adventure on our beautiful country".
  • 10. Private trip, family adventure and Join group trips

    Kilimanjaro Brothers have much to offer as from Private trip, family adventure and Join group trips Please take some time to browse our site and see what we have to offer and feel free to contact us with any questions you might have or reserve your trip with us. Link Kilimanjaro Brothers is the best local Tanzanian tour operator for Kilimanjaro climb and proudly with highly experience local Tanzanian guides with offer Kilimanjaro climb trips in high standard. Tips for choosing best tour company, Best tour operator in Kilimanjaro Tour company for Kilimanjaro Climb, How to Kilimanjaro brother, Kilimanjaro climbing, local tour Tanzanian company, the best Kilimanjaro tour operator, Mount Kilimanjaro climbing, list of tour operators, trekking company Kilimanjaro, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kilimanjaro best guides, climbing mount Kilimanjaro, good tour operator Kilimanjaro, Kilimanjaro tours, mount Kilimanjaro tours, Kilimanjaro hiking tours, Kilimanjaro climb tours, tour Kilimanjaro, best Kilimanjaro tour, Kilimanjaro mountain tour, mount Kilimanjaro hiking tours, mount Kilimanjaro climb tours, tour Kilimanjaro mount, best mount Kilimanjaro tour

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