Kilimanjaro Five Star Climb

  • DATE 21/03/2017

Kilimanjaro Five-Star Climb

 Kilimanjaro Five Star climbs, climb Kilimanjaro with peculiar way of five star, which follows the same itinerary of Kilimanjaro routes Machame, Rongai, Marangu, Lemosho and Umbwe route as listed on the Mountain Trekking page, except that we have all of the finest facilities available for your use.

We have cots to sleep on, comfort mattress, larger tents, aluminum chairs, foldable tables, a private chemical toilet, personal porters to carry your day packs, and more! We even prepare a premium menu just for your trip. The cost to turn any Kilimanjaro climb into a Five Star Kilimanjaro climb is more than worth it.

Kilimanjaro Brothers 2

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