Uru Shimbwe Organic Coffee Day Trip Tour Uru Shimbwe Organic Coffee Day Trip

Uru Shimbwe Organic Coffee Day Trip Tour

A local Organic coffee Tour Walk

Uru shimbwe is situated 16 km and a 30 minutes drive from Moshi town on the foothills of mount Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro brothers will take you to the slope of Kilimanjaro to Uru Shimbwe Village, for day a tour and visit Local Changa tribe at Uru Shimbwe, in the area which grow banana and coffee. Here you spend a day with the local coffee farmers on the slope of Mount Kilimanjaro, learn harvesting, prepare and enjoy a drinking cup of coffee.

The main activities on this tour are;

  • Excursion to coffee farms
  • Coffee berry picking
  • Explanation of organic coffee farming
  • Enjoy local lunch at coffee farms
  • Short walk and warm up to Uru shimbwe market

Contact Us

  • Selous/Kilima Street, Box 6765 Moshi Kilimanjaro Tanzania
  • ( +255 ) 716 958 597 - ( +255) 786 743 239
  • Broomfield - Colorado, USA

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