Maasai Cultural Day Trip Tour

The Maasai authentic day trip tour

Visit to Maasai villages, tourists will get the chance to have fascinating experience learning about the Maasai way of traditional life and their pastoral ways, marked by the herds of cattle the people collect to show their wealth. Camel rides through the village can be arranged with enough advance notice. If you are lucky, you will get to catch them performing their traditional initiation ritual which marks the transition for their young teenagers into manhood. They build their houses from a paste made from a combination of mud and cow dung. When you book through Kilimanjaro Brothers you will be a apart of maasai. Maasai culture settlements and enjoy the thrill of the day to day tribal activities.

Book a trip to visit the Olpopongi Maasi culture tour.

Day tour offer:

110 US$ per person Starting on with people. Single supplement $55


US$ 265 per person (FB) starting on with 2 people. Single supplement $55


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